Peace and quiet, on demand.

Find beautiful, practical spaces that you can reserve on the go.

Access beautiful private spaces where you can meet, work or relax.

  • Private, quiet space

    Take refuge from the daily grind. Our unique spaces provide you with the privacy and quiet you need to make a phone call, have a meeting or just relax.

  • Everything You Need

    Breather rooms are designed to give you the perfect time-out experience; whether you need fast wifi, a desk or a comfortable couch to kick back and read on.

  • Safe & Clean

    Access to our spaces is reserved for registered members and our locations are cleaned regularly so that we can provide you with the best pause in your day.

Think of us as your second home or office, wherever and whenever you need it.

How It Works

  • Find and reserve a Breather using our mobile app.

    You can reserve a space for 30 minutes, a few hours, or the entire day.

  • Unlock the door with a simple tap of your phone.

    We charge the card you have on file only for the length of your stay.

  • Make yourself at home.

    The space is yours for as long as you need it.

You have more questions? Read our FAQ.

Why use Breather?

Breather is for your time between meetings. It's a space that's just for you. We're there if you need to impress a prospect, show a client a presentation, or just have some productive work time on your own.

In essence, Breather is for people who want to work or relax in private. Our spaces are more comfortable than a hotel lobby or coffee shop. Whether you need a few minutes for a phone call or an afternoon for a time-out, Breather gives you the peace and quiet you need.