Office and meeting space, made simple

We’re on a mission to ensure your workspace isn’t a barrier to you and your people reaching their full potential at work.

Breather fully furnished modern and comfortable office space

Breather provides frictionless access to a network of private, productive office and meeting spaces on the flexible terms — by the hour, day, month, or year. Powered by proprietary technology and our amazing 24/7 support team, we make it easy for you to find and access hundreds of private workspaces designed to help you reach your full potential.

In the beginningOn-demand meeting spaces to work, meet, and focus.

Breather was created in 2012 when our co-founders, Julien Smith and Caterina Rizzi, couldn’t find a quiet, productive place to work. While convenient, coffee shops lacked the privacy they needed. They quickly realized they weren’t the only ones who had this need. So in just a few years, they launched hundreds of meeting spaces that anyone could book as easily as an Uber.

Expanding our focusFlexible office space, without the distractions of coworking.

In 2018, Breather realized our customers wanted the same flexibility and privacy in office space. A space they could call their own — with more space and privacy than coworking — and on flexible terms. So we got to work developing fully-furnished offices designed for companies to move in quickly and be as productive as possible.

Breather todayA global network of flexible, private workspaces.

We now operate hundreds of meeting and office spaces in the US, Canada, and UK. Our network of private meeting rooms and office spaces are built with your privacy and flexibility in mind. So come on in. Let’s get to work.

What’s with the tree?

When we first started Breather, we thought of trees as the lungs of the world, helping people breathe easy and be comfortable. As we grow, we like to think of ourselves as building a new kind of ecosystem, one that lets you breathe and connect and climb as high as you need to.

— Julien Smith, Co-Founder

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