Low-key opulence is one way to describe the impressive design of 11 Howard. This smartly curated boutique hotel in the middle of SoHo offers a number of unique amenities—a comfy and casual co-working space known as the Library, a dark, opulent bar and a Breather.
When you reserve the Breather location at 11 Howard, one of our hospitality partners, you get the best of both worlds. The consistent Breather experience you’ve come to expect with a quiet, beautiful space and the convenience of a hotel conference room, with on-site dining lounge, and on-site assistance available on request.

We asked 11 Howard’s Marketing and Sales Director, Shannon Sheppard, to answer our 5 Questions quiz.


What’s your essential work routine?

Being in the hospitality industry, the only thing that remains the same about my day-to-day, is that my days are never alike. I never quite know what to anticipate when walking through the door but this is the reason I choose this industry: it will never get stale. We are forever meeting new people and being faced with different guest situations. Coffee, my S’well Water Bottle and energy boosting snacks are always within arm’s reach.

What’s the one thing you do that makes you feel more productive?

As silly as this sounds, I love when I get to physically cross something off my daily to-do list. The more I cross off, the more I feel like I’m getting things out of the way so I can move on to the next task.


Unknown designer you think everyone should know about?

She is definitely not “unknown” but I can’t stress enough my love for the amazing Anda Andrei. Witty, creative genius. Editor’s note: Anda’s work can be experienced at 11 Howard.

alt Favorite neighborhood in NYC?

I can’t express my love for Union Square enough. Between the Greenmarket, the speakeasy cocktail bars (true gems) and the fact that you’re not surrounded by tourists, this is where I love to spend my time. You get to experience this fantastic city as a true local.

alt What’s the work ethic you most admire in others?

This saying forever resonates with me: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. At the end of the day, we get out what we put in. The long hours and (what may seem like) endless work days always pay off.

BONUS QUESTION: Most memorable hotel experience?

W Barcelona. Absolutely breathtaking views right from your bed. It’s unforgettable.


Reserve 11 Howard and experience it for yourself.