Our goal is to connect spaces around the world and make them both accessible and productive. And what could be more accessible (and visible) than a street front location? Of course, with great visibility comes great responsibility. So to make our space at 45 W. 28th street as impactful as possible, we partnered with Gus* Modern. This space has it all, street views (from the second floor), a kitchenette, on-site bathroom and custom-made tables that not only charge your laptop but can be pulled apart and moved around the room. It's one amazing location in the middle of the Flatiron and we couldn't have chosen a better design partner. Of course, the space wouldn't be quite the same if it weren't for Andrew Neyer and his stellar YoYo Lamp window installation.

Gus* Modern's Amanda Schuler, who founded the company alongside Matt Parass and David Podsiadlo, talks good soup and loving ugly colors in our 5 Questions quiz.


What’s the one thing you do that makes you feel more productive?

Work out in the mornings. Eat a healthy breakfast and have a clean desk area. When this happens, life is good!


Where’s your favorite place to work?

Anywhere bright, white and inspirational. I recently booked a Breather space in downtown Toronto for the afternoon when I was working on a trend report and felt super motivated in the space, which happened to have a killer view of the CN Tower. Editor’s note: Check out the view for yourself from one of our luminous Maud Street locations.

Favourite color combo?

Right now we're totally into "ugly" colour combos like 80's apricot and teal. Or 70's toffee and rust with a burnt yellow. Love!!!!


Favorite architecture period?

We’ve always been fans of the Sarasota School of Architecture. This branch of modernism has influenced a lot of our designs.


Favorite neighborhood in NYC?

Love Koreatown. Just learning about it, but I stumbled upon a great resto there recently called Her Name is Han. Ate a delicious bowl of soup and was inspired by their simple yet elegant decor.


Book this space (which includes a kitchen and on-site bathroom) for yourself.