Church Chairs and School Tables in our Toronto flagship at 96 Spadina.

Designing spaces for a new city means diving into the local design scene, getting a sense of its overall DNA and balancing that out with a little Breather mojo. When our team started designing for our first Toronto space, we thought of Gus* Design Group.

The company has long been our go-to for bigger pieces (their sleek, classic sofas appear in a number of our spaces), and not only are they very good at what they do, they’re also a born and bred Toronto brand (their Mimico credenza is named for a west end neighborhood).

We worked together to create our flagship Toronto location at 96 Spadina, pulling every piece in the room from their modern collection, or sister store StyleGarage. As the first Toronto space, it sets the tone for every other location in the city, while complementing and enhancing the space’s existing architecture.

We spoke to Amanda Schuler about Toronto, Gus*, and designers to watch.

The lounge area at 96 Spadina.

How did Gus* Modern start?

We started Gus* because we love furniture and wanted to create designs that were a contemporary take on mid-century and Scandinavian pieces that we admired but couldn’t find in stores.

How would you describe the Gus* aesthetic?

We strive to create simple, practical furniture that has a timeless feel. We look to design archetypes for inspiration, but use contemporary materials and fabrics to keep the aesthetic fresh and relevant.