If you were interested in fashion in the early 2010s but were underwhelmed by the dominant trend of ripped skinny jeans and bedazzled military jackets, then there’s a very good chance you came across Man Repeller

Started by journalism student, Leandra Medine, Man Repeller was a breath of fresh air with funny, irreverent content that was timely, knowledgeable and most importantly very, very chic. The core of the site was (and in many ways is) about dressing for yourself and not some dude (hence the name).


Today, the blog has grown into a full-fledged media company that's building a judgement-free place for women to laugh, share and think. And with almost two million followers on Instagram, what they’re doing is clearly resonating.

The editorial team creates six to eight pieces of content per day, covering everything from the latest beauty trends to women’s health (and health care coverage), in addition to some super fun collaborations with brands like Dior, Chanel, Topshop and Shiseido.

When the team recently used one of our New York locations for a day-long offsite, we took the opportunity to find out more about how they work together to create engaging content day after day.


Our research begins by waking up: we look at everything as a potential story. We are constantly sharing, thinking about and talking through ideas—big and small—to find the stories within our everyday thoughts. Picture a big bouquet of flowers or vegetables grabbed from the ground with the dirt still attached to the roots. That's everything we talk and think about every single day. What our team does is pick a flower here, a bud there; we dust off dirt (or use that dirt), embrace squirmy worms and investigate the stems to see where they go. There's always a unique angle to take, an opinion to voice or something to consider further.

Our team uses this research to inform every single one of our articles. We publish stories all day long, from both staff writers and contributors, which can feel like a lot to us, but is much less than other publishers in the space. In all areas of the business, the quality of the content we create comes first; it's been a strategic decision to not try and compete on scale, but instead on depth. So we focus on what we do well and what's meaningful to us and our community.

Focus is also how we’re able to create so many different types of content. Every member of the editorial team tackles different tasks . Our junior editor Haley Nahman and editorial director Leslie Price search the web for a timely story to cover so that we can start the morning in conversation with our readers. Leandra, Amelia and Harling often have press appointments to build relationships and check out cool new labels for upcoming shoots. Writing happens from all over—home, office, in transit, and photo shoots take place throughout the week. There's a lot of brainstorms and idea-generating team meetings (brand partnerships meet with edit, edit with visuals—we all work together). Social is equal parts planned and of-the-moment. All of this to keep the site and brand feeling alive!

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