From networking and mentoring to tips on how to plan the best offsite, Breather is about helping you work better. And the one thing we can all do to to work better? More efficient meetings.

No matter your role or your industry, almost every organization can benefit from a reboot of their meetings. The average employee spends 31 hours a month in meetings and not every hour of those meetings is productive.

We partnered with NOBL, an organizational and team design firm, to host a workshop about how to get teams on the right meeting rhythm (including when and what meeting formats are best for different teams). Together, we’re dedicated to making a difference in your work life. (Or at least giving you more time in your calendar to actually do your work!).

Led by NOBL’s Bree Groff and Jenny Cavaioli, the event focused on the best practices for meeting facilitation, various meeting formats, the practice of those formats and how best to share this new knowledge to your team.


Here are three useful pointers that we got from the NOBL's Making Meetings Count workshop:

  • Keep meetings focused, this will help you steer your team into the right direction.

  • Keeping meetings on schedule to ensure no one's time is wasted.

  • Ensure meetings stay productive and actionable to leave your team challenged.

For more in-depth tips on how to work better, check out NOBL's Bootcamps.