Frances Wilk, Head of Talent Acquisition, talks about Breather’s hiring practices and the importance of looking at the person behind the resume.

We’ve been wanting to make videos that show off our talented team for a long time. But finding the right tone for a video about why, how and who we hire wasn’t an easy task. At Breather, we do things differently. When we look at our recruitment strategy, our recruiters look beyond the resume, we place a huge importance on personality, interests, drive, and most importantly - our company’s core values: Contribution, Speed, Service, Independence, Humility, Ambition, Empathy and Candor. When we interview, yes, we want to know what you’ve been doing throughout your career and what inspires you, but we want to make sure that you'll be a dedicated employee and live by our values.

From a recruitment standpoint, this means we want to know about the projects you worked on outside of your 9-5. It’s not just about what you’ve accomplished but how you approach each new project. What have you done as a person that you’re proud of? What are your interests? Are you ready to push the status quo, to ask tough questions and stand up for your opinion? All of this, along with the right experience, is what makes an ideal candidate.

Our particular hiring tactics means that we now have an outstanding range of employees. Every single one of us is unique and brings something different to the business. And with over 200 people at Breather, we wanted to showcase the different backgrounds and personalities that work here. We don’t just have engineers, designers, marketers - we have mothers, fathers, surfers, chefs, creators. Working at Breather is about working with strong individuals from all over the world to create something that’s never been built before.

It’s about being fearless, determined and working together to make things happen — no matter where you’re based, LA, NYC, Montreal. Everyone at the company is unique and these videos celebrate just how different your work-life can be when you’re part of the Breather team.

Watch the videos here.