We all listen to music while we work. It can help you concentrate, get you pumped about a project or block out the sound of your open office. We asked three reliable music fans at Breather HQ to put together three playlists to help you work, meet and focus.

First up, Vithu Namasivayam, ace Customer Care Coordinator all round cool kid, gets you in the Work zone. He has the inside scoop on the Montreal music scene, can answer all your hip hop questions and is the first to share and newest, coolest new track. In short, he knows what's up.

Location Design Manager, Amy Johnson, is married to a musician so it was only normal (and perhaps a little biased) that we’d hand her the task of creating the playlist for (pre-)Meet. It’s full of songs to boost your self-confidence before a big meeting or a pitch.

The Focus playlist, went to content strategist (and one-time music critic, so you know, no pressure) Sacha Jackson. When you need to* zone out* and get your work done, it helps to have a soundtrack that keeps you upbeat and on task.

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