Okay, so this didn't really happen. But here is one way our newest workspace in LA could be used.

Remember the two designers from the last story? We'll, they're back. After leaving the group for some fun in the sun, things got strange. Really strange. The designers met a hippy named Dave who had just spent the day surfing. He told the two that he had hit his head on some coral and had came up with an idea.

He wanted to start a surf-wear company, but didn't have any designers to help him out. A little sun drunk, the two designers jumped at the opportunity. Little did they know it would consist of them quitting their jobs and sailing off into the sun*. While they were at sea, the designers learned about surf culture, and the hippy learned about design.

Two months later, they were back in LA and ready to begin. They booked this Breather right in the Fashion District to get inspired for the work to come.

The team brought in a few consultants to help them brainstorm and pull references, making full use of the conference tablemagazine clippings, color swatches, and old surf photographs were scattered around. This was the beginning of something big.

Dave was sprawled out in the lounge, sketching different patterns and designs to print to fabric, pulling inspiration from the presentation being given by the consultants via the flatscreen TV.

When the meeting wrapped up, the team was ready to start designing their first collection. They packed up, shook hands, and left the workspace. On the way out, the designers ran into their old colleagues who had a booking right after. Awkward.

Want to book this space? Do it!

*It turns out that Dave was actually a millionaire who enjoyed living like a beach bum.