Kyle Goforth, one of our location designers, shares his notes, thoughts, and inspirations behind some brand-new spaces in the L.E.S.

New York's Lower East Side neighbourhood is one of the oldest in the city. It's a cultural hub and home to many art galleries and music venues, notably the New Museum and the legendary Bowery Ballroom (rest in peace, CBGB). Just two blocks south of the ballroom lies 135 Bowery, a seven-story brick building, with large floor-to-ceiling windows. Four of its suites are Breather workspaces.

Suite #3

The building itself is a stunning example of industrial New York architecture. Because of the high ceilings and natural light coming in from the windows, the idea was to decorate as little as possible.

Suite #1

Each suite was inspired by Japanese minimalism. Every piece of furniture was chosen first for its function. Nothing superfluous! We had some fun playing with geometry, working with the positive and negative space outlined by the wiry furniture.

Suite #4

The spaces also feature reoccurring copper elements, paying homage to the building's polished industrial heritage. Even though the rooms were designed to be sharp, pure and professional, each room has a little punch of fun that reflects what we're all about.

Suite #2

These spaces range in size to accommodate up to four or eight people. Each space is very photogenic; with a lounge area and large workspace, they are perfect for team off-sites and brainstorming sessions.

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