Sophie Fidler, one of our location designers, shares her notes, thoughts and inspirations behind a new workspace in London's West End.

This workspace is tucked away inside an historic Grade 2 Listed Building. Let me explain: in the UK, a listed building is one that has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. In other words, it is probably haunted.

The building is located right near Mayfair, which is so pricy that its prestigious status has been commemorated by being the most expensive property square on the London Monopoly board. This area is also the world's most expensive place to rent office space.

The interior of the space boasts huge floor-to-ceiling windows, which are a perfect contrast with the bold, wood-panelled walls. It's a super majestic room, already having so much going for it, so the goal became to design-down the space (Sophie made this term up, and she's sticking to it).

Keeping a light and airy palette was super important to make sure attention wasn't drawn away from the space's natural bones and character. The room is pretty serious, so fun elements, such as these sweet Etsy prints and yellow chair, were added to give some edge.

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