Kyle Goforth, one of our location designers, shares his notes, thoughts and inspirations behind our brand new workspace in Montreal.

Griffintown is a borough located in southwest Montreal. It was once an industrial hub, and home to many Irish immigrant labourers in the early 19th century. Think lots of brick, row houses, and large warehouse and factory spaces. The neighbourhood is now in the midst of a revitalization, becoming a family-friendly place with parks, bike paths, and new developments. Thankfully, the city plans to make use of many of the factories and warehouses that have defined the neighbourhood for over 100 years.

One of these buildings is the Le Nordelec, a beautiful example of 20th century industrial architecture. It's huge (one of the largest of its kind in North America), and dominates the urban landscape. It even needed its own power plant. The building was home to Northern Electric in 1915, where 12,000 workers clocked in everyday. Now, tech companies like Uber and other creative businesses inhabit its offices.

Our workspace in Le Nordelec is, well, huge. The bare-bones of the space were cold and dark, with lots of industrial features like concrete support columns and barrel ceilings. In this case, colour was crucial: pinks, greys, and blues were used to lighten the space and take the edge off. The artwork from Society6 and a geometric mural give the space some new life.

The size of the space also dictated the type of furnishings we could use in the design. All of the furniture in the space needed to be modular to accommodate different activities. This space is perfect for a large group meeting, a pop-up shop, or workshop.

Concrete addict? So are we.