Okay, so this didn't really happen. But here is one way our newest workspace in Santa Monica could be used.

Picture this: a group of ten employees at a small tech company have lost their minds in L.A. They aren't getting things done quick enough (it's 100 degrees), the dishes in their office's kitchen are always dirty, and they're currently in some deep drama about who should run the social media accounts. The boss, sick of them, books this Breather space in Santa Monica so they can figure out all of their problems.

On arrival, two of the ten bolt off to Venice Beach (a 15 minute walk), and secretly plan to stay there most of the day. They're designers, and have convinced the group that the time on the beach will be spent "getting inspired for their next project." Whatever.

Five programers and coders sit at the large work table and open their laptops. The team Airplays an overview of the project, and they start getting all caught up. With crisp Perriers in the fridge, and burgers going down around 1pm, things are looking up.

But not for our three content gurus. They're sitting in the glass lounge, arguing about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This goes on for about 20 minutes. While staring at the egg print on the wall, one of them suggests, "why don't we just each take on one of the accounts?" They high-five, and go for lunch with the programmers.

After lunch, the team re-groups on the terrace to brainstorm a social media campaign that will best illustrate the new product. Each of the content gurus figures out the best way on each of their assigned platforms, and the programers begin filling in a calendar of goals to hit before the launch date. Things seem to be coming together nicely.

They all pack up, and head back to the office. Refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to do their best work.

Except for the designers. To be continued...

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