We get to work with some pretty great companies. For the latest instalment of our Designer Partnership Program, we had the chance to work with Industry West to outfit our premiere locations at 295 Madison Avenue. Not only does this space have an enviable address, there happen to be three distinct, gorgeous rooms to pick from. Go ahead. Try and book just one.

We spoke to Industry West founder and CEO Jordan England about his vision behind the company and why they choose the partners they do.

Suite 1401

Why a furniture design company?

Furniture was the outlet, but really it was about finding a venue to develop my own sense of creativity. The business isn’t just about stools, tables and chairs, it’s about how we can bring something unique to our customers and help them achieve the creative look they desire.

How would you describe Industry West's aesthetic?

While we definitely fall under the mid-century, modern category, we’re much more than that. We’ve worked hard to expand the midcentury mold by adding an array of colors, upholstered options and partnering with innovative manufacturers who are using reclaimed and locally sourced materials.

Suite 1402

Why were you interested in partnering with Breather. Breather very much fits the mold of the client we love to work with in terms of both being a startup and catering to startups. We love working with innovators. From the tech company in Silicon Valley to the small-town coffee shop, these entrepreneurs exude passion and we’re passionate about working with them.

How did you start working with interior designer Dani Arps?

We connected with Dani much the same way we connect with many designers: She initially found us looking for furniture for her own apartment. What she found out is that we have a lot of great products that fit perfectly in the business world, particularly when dealing with startups who are looking for something unique, often with a splash of color. We love supporting Dani and the incredible projects she works on.

Suite 1402

What's your favorite piece from the upcoming collection?

It’s hard to choose just one. One of the things that I love about our recently introduced collections is the diversity in the range and the mixed materials. We have some amazing pieces like our tables from the Romanian collective of young designers, “Materia” that are mixing Shou Sugi Ban Charred Cypress and unlaquered brass. These pieces are as much art as furniture. I’m also really excited about a lot of our recently introduced Buffalo leather chairs from our Pure collection that blend a nostalgic and modern style in a fresh way.

Suite 1403

Love furniture? So do we.