Kyle Goforth, one of our location designers, shares his notes, thoughts and inspirations behind our brand new workspace in Clerkenwell.

Central London's Clerkenwell neighbourhood is a cultural hub, home to some of the best clubs, restaurants, and the world's first gastropub. It's a place that is constantly changing, but consistently cool. In Clerkenwell's North side stands 38 Rosebery, home to a workspace worth showing off.

The building was recently revamped by Stiff + Trevillion, one of the UK's leading architecture firms. Located in the top suite is the most beautiful attic-turned-workspace you've probably ever seen. Antique vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and large sash windows make this space truly one-of-a-kind.

The finishing in the space itself is bar-none; washed oak floors meet sleek grey mouldings. Because the structure of the space is so unique, the furniture had to be extremely simple. In fact, you can even see through a few pieces.

Choosing artwork for this space was extremely important. We wanted something that would echo the bold structure of the space. Perhaps the best way to do it was to hang prints of different typefaces from Playtype. Each print was selected for it's focus on form and structure. Type and architecture are meant to be together.

Shot by Will Grundy.

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