Kyle Goforth, one of our location designers, shares his notes, thoughts, and inspirations behind Montreal's coolest workspace.

Montreal's Plateau neighbourhood is unlike any other. It is Canada's most densely populated borough, home to over 100,000 people. With the average age of 34, the Plateau has a high concentration of youth living there; many students flock to the Plateau because of it's laid-back vibe and close proximity to universities. For students living in Montreal, the Plateau is home to cheap-eats, rooftop gatherings, and weirdo, bric-à-brac apartments.

Right in the heart of the Plateau, at Mont-Royal and St-Laurent, is a workspace reminiscent of the youthful neighbourhood it calls home. The unit is bright, and provides something every Montrealer longs for: a view of Mont Royal. And quite honestly, this is the best view of it we've come across in a long time.

A custom pink conference table and credenza stand in for the furniture you tried to paint on the patio. In the lounge, your grandpa's hand-me-down couch gets a major update from the people at GUS* Modern. It's smooth as hell (and doesn't reek of cigarettes).

The space mirrors the eclectic nature of the Plateau, but is sure to remain refined and elegant.

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