We recently opened two new suites in one of the most famous office buildings in San Francisco.

In the heart of the financial district stands the Merchants Exchange Building, home to a lot of SF's civic, financial, political, and cultural activity. It's has hosted some of the most elite socialites (Theodore Roosevelt, Obama, and others are member of the prestigious Commercial Club). Now, thanks to us, you too can call it a place to catch up on important business.

Suite 1290

The Merchants Exchange was designed by architects Daniel Burnham and Willis Polk to function primarily as a modern office building, but also includes a ballroom, bank, and bar. The lobby's floors and walls are solid marble, with golden accents. Trust us, it's lavish.

Suite 1290

The building itself has seen it all. It was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1906 and subsequent fire, but was one of the few buildings that managed to stay up. Afterwords, it actually supplied the neighbouring buildings with power and water. Pretty suite.

Suite 1290

The two spaces in the Merchants Exchange building are perfect to impress clients or getting the team inspired to dream big.

Suite 310

Love big old buildings? So do we. 🏢