Amy Johnson, our Location Design Manager, shares her notes, thoughts and inspirations behind a refresh of 510 Mission Street.

San Francisco's South Beach district is full of sleek, looming apartment complexes and office high-rises. Tucked in amongst them lies 510 Mission, a small, two-storey brick building. The entire top floor is a dream loft scenario, with an extremely high wooden ceiling, warm brick walls, and a open floor plan (also, who doesn't love a decorative spiral staircase).

We knew loft would be popular but couldn't anticipate quite how popular. With people booking workshops, talks, and photoshoots, this space is always full. For this reason, we decided to revisit some of the design elements to make it even more inviting.

We added a beautiful Gus Modern sectional for a more comfortable lounge area that can accommodate even more people and replaced the desk chairs with sleek and comfy padded ones.

We worked with Erin Haug, (our S.F. Launch Lead who installs all our spaces) to come up with a decorative element for the brick wall next to the work area. We landed on a nice grouping of mirrors to help natural light from the skylight bounce around the space.

Considering its popularity, this space received a well-deserved refresh. As its housed in such a quaint little building, 510 Mission is truly a hidden gem.

We take design seriously—have a look.