Close your eyes and think of an office...

Any office. You got the rolling ergonomic chairs in there? How about florescent ceiling lights? Good. Now, let's add some people. Think of the word “colleague.” What comes to mind? Does it involve button-down shirts? Ill-fitting suits? A woman who vaguely resembles your third-grade music teacher? Someone in flip-flops? Perfect.

Imagine walking into that office, getting settled at your desk, grabbing a coffee from the kitchen. Now take a sip of that coffee. It's terrible, right?

Forget that office. Close your eyes and think instead of your favourite place to work. Are you smiling? We bet you’re smiling.

We've all seen a million instances of bad, dull, boring, or straight-up outrageous examples of office stock photography. Since we are reinventing the workspace, we thought we should maybe try our hand at reinventing the stock photo.

This is Chip. Chip has a theory. His theory is this: in order to reach their Q4 goals, he and his team need to cut costs by 5% and increase sales by 20%. If they achieve this, he believes they will be able to corner the market in banana-themed banana protectors.

And this is Sandra. She’s pretty excited about the work Chip is doing over on the whiteboard, and believes they’ll be able to hit the goal no problem.

Jeffery has been staring at this blank sheet for quite some time. He doesn’t seem to understand what the target actually is or how to get there. That’s okay, Jeffery.

This is Paul. Paul isn’t really getting it either. So he’s taking a break from the numbers to flip through a mag for banana-centric inspiration.

The team decides to break and get hydrated. They have a lot more work to get done if they want to meet their goal.