When you're in a groove at work, the last thing you want to do is break your concentration by Googling "where to eat lunch."

At Breather, we anticipate your needs before you even realize you have a need. To help your meeting/offsite/presentation go that little bit smoother, we've put together a handy little guide of the best places to grab a quick bite (or coffee, or sweet treat) in neighborhoods around Montreal that just happen to be close to a Breather location or three.

Pizza No. 900

Just around the corner from our workspace at 1130 Sherbrooke W. (and minutes from our other locations in the Golden Square Mile), this Montreal staple specializes in Neapolitan-style pizza. It’s the perfect place for a quick lunch: they offer personal sizes, delicious sides and a quick turn around time. Thankfully for us, they also have an Outremont location, conveniently located next to our Bernard meeting space. Pro-tip: This location also has lovely outdoor patio during the summer months.

Café Nocturne

During a day-long work session, a 15-minute coffee-break goes a long way — Café Nocturne’s got you covered. Featuring coffee from Detour and Montreal’s own Union Coffee, there’s a little fuel for everyone. Plus, it’s about one minute from our space at 3575 St. Laurent.

Mandy’s Salad Bar

If you and your team are looking for a healthy but satisfying lunch option, Mandy’s is a must. With locations all over the city—Mile End, Downtown, Old Montreal— a guilt-free and delicious salad is never far way. Feeling way too productive to actually leave your Breather location for lunch? Good news, they deliver!

Tommy Café

If you and your team find yourselves in Old Montreal with a sweet-tooth(s) to satisfy, Tommy Café is the spot to make it happen. Located in the historic British Empire Building, a four minute walk from our spaces at 353 St-Nicolas, Tommy stocks some pretty tasty baked goods—we recommend the cronut—and a great coffee.

Pandan Creamery

This creamery is the only one in Montreal that serves up Thai-style ice-cream. Don’t worry, we had to Google it too. For this after-work treat, cream is poured on a steel grill, chilled to around -35 °C, and rolled by hand into perfect ice creamy pancakes that look almost too good to eat. This place is so close to our 705 Laporte space in St. Henri, you can almost taste it.

Bagel St. Henri

If we didn’t include bagels on this list, we would be doing you a disservice. A few steps from our location at 642 rue de Courcelle lies Bagel St. Henri, a classic spot for a fresh bagel to-go. If you want to kick the day off right with a tasty breakfast for the whole team (you know, before you work on that org chart), we recommend their breakfast sandwiches. Sure fire crowd pleasers.

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